Just a Few Things

Although I respect Jack Del Rio and his jaguar fur sideburns, I’m getting a little tired of people saying the Jags are going to come into the Razor and beat the Pats. 

Let’s not forget this is a Jags team who blew an 18 point lead to the shitty Steelers not a week ago.  In fact, the Steelers would have won had it not been for their overmatched rookie head coach.  This same Steelers team got blown out by the Pats earlier in December (I heard).   Not only did the Jags try to blow the game, but they blew the postgame party according to the Boston Globe:

It’s bad enough that Jacksonville squandered an 18-point, fourth-quarter lead last Saturday. Back at their home stadium, the team also ran short of beer at a gathering of fans who had assembled to watch the game.

So, to review, the Jags blew an 18 point lead last week to a shitty team.  They blew the post game tailgate at their home stadium.  Their website listed the Pats as “cheaters.”  And they’re down their best defensive lineman and linebacker.  Did I mention the Pats have this guy? 

Pats 77  Jags 10



One Response to Just a Few Things

  1. muffranch says:

    I’d do anything to be his chin strap in late August preseason games.

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