stupid chargers

is anyone else happy that the p-men are playing the chargers?  not because they are lousier than the colts but because they are such bitches.  they make me so irate (in a bad way).  i think i used to like the chargers – they were my team in madden (ashamed to say), however, ever since bitch boy drayton florence (?) personal foul in the 07 playoffs and tomlinson being a little bitch boy talking trash about the guru i have considered the chargers a low level organization.

stupid chargers.

not surprisingly this season the chargers have continued their bitch boy ways.  freaking, rivers taunting jay cutler, merriman bitching about the titans playing physical, and most recently the rivers tomlinson interaction on the sidelines during their win over the colts (not to mention rivers was yelling at fans) – apparently tomlinson was irate that rivers was injured and couldn’t finish the game, not surprisingly, however, the conversation took place on the sidelines where tomlinson remained the entire second half.  being pissed at your bitch boy qb for being injured when you hadn’t played since midway through the second quarter…talk about being classless.

i’m sure tomlinson is a class guy like everyone says he is but i hope to god he plays against the pats on sunday because i’m sick of watching him pout on the sidelines.



One Response to stupid chargers

  1. rdliljedahl says:

    I also used to kind of like the chargers before they because a bunch of moron bitches, or maybe before i knew they were such a bunch of moron bitches.

    I liked them in Techmo Superbowl. Seau was nice and Marion “Smokin” Butts was a machine.

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