Tippett, Triplette and Manny Ramirez

Here’s some FYIs for the game:

Andre Tippett and John Hannah have been named honorary captains for the game, as well as that New Hampshire girl who was booed by the classless Indianapolis fans because she was wearing a Pats jersey.  Tippett, who should be a lock for the Hall of Fame, is a finalist for the second year in a row and looks like he’ll be on the outside looking in.  He’ll probably be drinking at the last resort with Jim Rice once again.   

Jeff Triplette is the official for Sunday’s game, so don’t look for many penalties.  Triplette lets them play, see this chart:

Crew Games Penalties Yards
Winter 14 204 1,487
Corrente 14 188 1,515
Hochuli 15 184 1,399
Anderson 14 181 1,388
Boger 14 178 1,352
Parry 14 171 1,421
McAulay 14 169 1,345
Carey 14 167 1,248
Leavy 14 162 1,238
Coleman 14 154 1,142
Steratore 14 153 1,159
Green 14 151 1,304
Nemmers 14 149 1,271
Triplette 14 145 1,069
Morelli 14 137 1,077
Carollo 14 135 1,002
Austin 14 118 1,045

He’s certainly no disciplinarian like Hochuli.  Without any bullshit pass interference calls on Moss, he could have 200 yards receiving in this game and 6 touchdowns.

And on an unrelated note, the Globe is reporting that Manny Ramirez is in sick shape, he may even play in September this year.

Instead of working out on his own in Florida, as he usually does, for a good portion of the offseason, Ramírez has lifted weights and taken hacks with Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilisat Athletes’ Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz. “I think he started working out a week after I did,” Pedroia said. “He’s been there ever since. He looks great. He’s excited about spring training. He just said he kind of wanted to go to the West Coast. He likes the weather. He knew me and Youk were out there working out. We told him it was a great place. He’s doing well, looks great, and ready to go.” 

The same article referenced Tito’s opinion that he’s fine with starting the season with Crisp and Ellsbury.  So, it looks like, whether or not we get Santana, the Sox will have the best pitching in the league, the best defense in the league, and the best offense in the league.  They’re starting to sound like the Pats. 


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