Breakfast of Champions

As all P-Men fans know, a key element to our success is preparation. During Super Bowl week, this is not limited to the team, it encompasses the peckahead fan-base as well.

Throughout New England, more specifically, in the North End neighborhood of RBI city, the preparations are well underway starting with late night viewing of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament won by newcomer Daniel Larusso of Miyagi Dojo. The tournament ends with a jilted Johnny Lawrence looking like Bill Cowher after he won the 1995 AFC championship against Jim Harbaugh’s Colts. Johnny douchebag proudly presenting his championship trophy to the guy who, in typical Pats-style, took his title and his semi-attractive girlfriend (who could clearly take Daniel-son in an ESPN Saturday morning strong-man competition).

Preparation continued this morning with breakfast of champions. Mini bacon cheeseburgers, eggs, grilled onions and baked beans. We also crushed some berries for them anti-oxidizing decencies. You want to prepare like a champion, you have to eat like one. I’m pretty sure that’s what our boy Mankins eats every day. Here are some photos at 7am est:


Finally, the NY Times had a revealing article on Eli Manning today and his relationship with his mother.   Apparently, Eli had trouble reading Dr Suess:

“His mother, he said, was influential in helping him improve his reading so he would not have to repeat first grade”

Tom Brady not only taught his first grade teacher how to read, he cranked her out on the monkey bars after hot morning lessons in spelling.  Poor Eli is going to have the Manning Face on by the time he’s introduced.

So, everyone stay focused this week and work on your preparation as Sunday is going to be a great day.  And if you don’t know how to prepare, stay tuned to the ranch all week.

For you West coast dirtbags, man up!:


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