Preparation Continues…

Tuesday 1/29, 5 days from the championship, 6pm – chowders, steamers and bud light at Union Oyster. From there you ask? Right into the biggest peckahead sport in the world…HOCKEY. The hub of it, if fact. The ice was fast, cold and filled with glory. The B’s looked tough. Thomas, our all-star netminder, played, at times it seemed, alone on the ice. Our defenseman were powerful, yet inaccurate with their numerous thwarts. We were playing short-handed with a full 6 men on the ice.Miracles can and do happen on ice in the city of champions.

The Predators were fierce, but the no-name attack of these Boston Bruins was too much for the weak southern opponent. After Ference, the Boston defenseman, laid out a lowly Predator, he then, in a matter of seconds, pounced on another Predator, took him to the ground and pummeled him with overhand smashes to the face. The Garden was at ‘Wicked Loud’ on the crowd meter and K-muff was dancing amongst fellow p-heads. Glory.

The game winner should have been a top 5 sportscenter highlight. Glen Metropolit lit up the preds douchebag goalie with a pull-back wrister. The Hub cruised from there to solidify themselves contenders in the National Hockey League. 3-1



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