Respectable SB Picks

greg-brady.jpg omar-epps.jpg karch-kiraly.jpg  elisabeth-shue.jpgadam-west.jpgcarl-weathers.jpgjack-nicklaus.jpgbob-weir.jpg

 What do Barry Williams, Omar Epps, Karch Kiraly, Adam West, Bob Weir, Jack Nicklaus, Carl Weathers, and Elisabeth Shue have in common?

They’re all picking the Pats in the Super Bowl, THAT’S WHAT!

I think Carl Weathers said it best: “It’s impossible not to go with New England. Congratulations to New York, but they won’t win this Super Bowl.”

Just to recap — when The Golden Bear, Bob Weir, Ali with an I, Willie Mays Hayes, Batman, Greg Brady, Apollo Creed, and Mr. Volleyball all pick the Pats to win, I think it’s safe to say the Pats will win.

Among those who are picking the Giants: Bill O’Reilly, Dolph Lundgren, Pat Robertson, Mark Cuban and Serena Williams. ‘Nuff said…

 *Source: Scripps Howard News Service


3 Responses to Respectable SB Picks

  1. helmet says:

    willie mays hayes?

  2. Tubesteak says:

    I take it you never saw Major League II.

  3. helmet head says:

    snap, served myself.

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