Fans of New England

I write this with caution, as I know even thinking about what happened yesterday makes all of us uneasy.  It sucks to watch sports, read sports, it sucks to live life the way we normally do.  But, as fans of New England, we need to examine what happened and why it happened, so we can avoid such catastrophes in the future because we all know that that wasn’t the last Super Bowl Belichick and the Pats are going to.  I think it starts with examining our preparation.  How many days did everyone wake up and eat bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast?  How many Celtics games did you watch while doing a pushup for every point the Cs scored?  How many championship DVDs did you watch during the week?  How many Bruins games did you watch?  I feel like we did all we could.  It’s when I look at how the City of Boston and the Pats got ready for the game that I start to uncover some clues as to why we may have lost this championship.

It was reported during the week that the usual flawless Mayor Tom Menino announced plans for the parade and the parade route.  Hasn’t anyone learned from this dooming startegy?  When has this ever worked in someone’s favor?  Mayor Menino deserves a letter from Championship Ranch regarding his incompetence.  Haven’t we had enough parades here recently that not too much of a plan needs to be made ahead of time?  What is the benefit from announcing this early?

I just got the feeling watching this game that the Pats weren’t as hungry as the Giants.  It reminded me alot of Rocky III, when a rich, famous and complacent champion Rocky fights the hungry contender Clubber Lang (the great Mr. T) and gets pummeled.  The parallels to this bout to the Super Bowl are frightening.  Rocky trains for the fight in a fancy hotel ballroom that is open to fans, apparently trying to enjoy the moment never fearing that his title was in jeopardy.  Meanwhile, Mr. T is working out in a dank basement by himself, preparing for this fight like it was the last chance he’d get.  In the week leading up to the Super Bowl, the Boston Globe reported that Brady’s stylist was making the trip to Arizona so Tom could get a haircut earlier in the week and then another before the game.  The only way I could understand this is if Brady’s haircut was halfway as classy as Stallone’s, and he’s not even close.

stallone1.jpg I think Brady and the Pats got a little complacent and the thought of losing this game never entered their minds.  If we’re lucky, the Pats will take some time to lick their wounds, and then get a visit from Apollo Creed, to take them back to the Los Angeles ghettos and find that hunger, that Eye of the Tiger.


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