My Sorrows are buried…

May 8, 2008
Hey dudes.
So the Ranch has been a bit stale due to the unfortunate happenings on 2/3/08. I started reading about sports 2 days ago. This has been the biggest lull of my life. Now, this doesn’t mean I haven’t continued to dominate watching sports on the television or any live action I can get to. It was the reading, the analysis that shook me; everytime I was sent an article from SI or espn, I almost cringed in disgust. Whats the sports guy writing about, how does he trudge on? Well, after several Helmet and Tubesteak thwarts….I hearby announce the Ranch open again!
Whats more decent than C’s playoff basketball in Downtown Boston? Me, on the toilet, pre or post bj, watching Bledsoe throw that tearjerking loft pass to David Patten in the back corner of the end zone en route to another Pats AFC championship.?—-but we’ll leave that for another posting.
Decents. C’s. For that matter – B’s. Great run for the B’s. Inspiring hockey. HOCKEY! HOCKEY! HOCKEY! That’s a chant for decents only. Anyone that doesn’t eat ice cream at a contest. Even Methia.
On to the currents. C’s. I think Rondo could wrap those arms around a fine lady several times. Sam I am was looking tough, even from 3 range in game 1. Lebron and Delonte should challenge Denver to a standoff. I am not the one – who can tell you – who will win. Just think of what happened when Joe Johnson challenged Denvah to a standoff last Sunday – The gritty hawk stood no chance. No Chaance:



You guys are cooo.
F them Cavs. So I was talking over some Celts strategies with a buddy from work and he came up with a great theory. Sit Pierce to start the game. Posey gets on the King. Then Doc lays the Truth down with a giant spark of the bench. Manu style. No?
On to more decency, as some of you know, Joh and I have been crushing pushups during C’s games this year. 1 pushup for every point the Green score. We are jacked, fists pumping. I suggest all of the community and ranch members, continue our trend and work your bi’s, tri’s, and man chests. Doing less than 100 pushups is unacceptable.
Go C’s and go Championship Ranch.








February 1, 2008