Dudes, C’s are first in the East and the Lakers are first in the West.  I’m irate. 

Dear Kevin,

You may remember me from “the pound” at the end of the game against the Bulls Friday night, December 20th.

I am writing to ask for you endorsement of the pound so that I can get the footage from ESPN and view the pound in a photograph.  Please reply when you are able.

On February 20th, I am having some friends over for the game and some ham and white bean soup with cornbread – we will have plenty left over.  Come into San Francisco, we can eat some soup, and then go down to the North Star.  All are welcome and bring Cornbread Maxwell if you can!

Best regards,
Tom Stankeiwicz  



2 Responses to Celtics

  1. Stever says:

    I am furious. ESPN has ranked the Detriot Pistons (23-7) as the number 1 team in the NBA. The reasoning, according to Marc Stein, is that Detroit is on a 15-2 run and beat the Celtics earlier in the season. Apparently the Celtics four straight road wins against Western Conference opponents don’t matter. It’s also worth noting that the Celtics lost to Detroit by 2 points, which were scored on last second free throws. Anyone find the number 2 rating for the C’s unacceptable? Fuck Marc Stein.

  2. Stever says:

    Justice has been served. The C’s are the top team in the league. The comment from this week’s rankings:

    “In each of the past three seasons, there’s been 70-win talk with Phoenix, Detroit and then Dallas. But these Celts are the first team to last this long with only three losses since (gulp) the 72-win Bulls in 1995-96.”

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