The Bellagio Hotel and Casino
3600 Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109
To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I are going to be visiting Las Vegas for a week in November and we would like to stay at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino. I want to inform you of some problems my wife and I have encountered in recent hotel stays and I apologize for requesting special provisions, but they are necessary. This information is very sensitive and I trust you will keep it confidential.

We have received numerous complaints regarding noise generated from our room. This is only since my recent subscription to Viagra.

I would like to request that my wife and I be provided with a room with some special modifications due to our recent experiences and in the best interest of other customers in neighboring rooms.

I suggest that any headboard be removed from the bed prior to our arrival. This will reduce noise levels to neighboring rooms and hopefully provide a peaceful environment for ourselves as well as our neighbors. I also request that you move the bed away from the wall and place it in the center of the room. Extra pillows are also an effective noise reduction tool. Vacating neighboring rooms during our stay would be the best option, however, this is only a suggestion and certainly dependant on the volume of your business.

I hope not to create any great inconvenience for you or your staff. Please let me know if these requests can be met. I appreciate your confidence in this matter and hope I get the chance to be a guest at your wonderful hotel.

Best Regards,
Gary Peters

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