Dear Mr. Buffet,

I write as a shareholder regarding recent advertisements for Geico. While some of the commercials, especially those that feature the little Geico himself, are very appealing, others are much less so.  

One commercial involving a volcano disturbed me for several reasons. First, the correspondent at the scene looked deranged and clip was hardly believable. There was no comedic value whatsoever.  

Second, the eruption brought back many disturbing memories for me. I was once in a giant volcanic eruption in Hawaii and barely escaped the lava and smoldering rocks. The experience traumatized me greatly. The Geico commercial brought back much of this trauma. All the fear and anguish from that near death experience came back to me.  

I hope against the odds that I am the only eruption survivor that has seen this offensive material. As far as that is not the case, may God bless myself and countless others who have fought through this painful time.  


Gary Miller


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