January 16th, 2008

Sox sign dynamic new power hitter, K-Muff




January 15th, 2008

Rookies Report for Early Spring Training – The Unstoppable P-men are not the only ones getting ready for their next game.


January 9th, 2008

The Travesty that is Jim Rice not Being Elected to the HOF

Jim Rice will make the Hall of Fame next year, so stop complaining etc. etc. But there’s no logic for him making it in on his 15th year of eligibility! His stats haven’t changed in past 15 years. His numbers warrant election. What’s the holdup here? I’ll never understand why some HOF voters wait, say, 14 years, and all of sudden the player is good enough to make it. Vote yes or no, or get outta my face.

Let’s face the facts here — Jim Rice was a bad mother fucker. Perhaps he was even too bad-ass. Apparently he had a frosty relationship with the press — but it seems like a lot of people were frosty. Check out this Rich Gossage tirade:

Speaking of Rich “Goose” Gossage — congrats to him. Here’s what he had to say about Rice:

If Jimmy had played at the Metrodome, they’d have had to rebuild that place because he would have torn it down. It’s a lot easier to hit now than it was then…. If Jimmy played in this era, his numbers would be through the roof. The reason I say it’s easier to hit is because the hitter is protected so much. A pitcher can’t scare a hitter anymore or he’ll get thrown out of the game. The strike zone is the size of a postage stamp. Hitters are wearing all that armor, the ball is livelier, the ballparks are smaller.”

How did Rich get the name “Goose” anyway? cold provide some insight:

GOOSE — “A verb, which means to grab someone between their butt cheeks and to squeeze, almost with an intent to hurt, although it is often done in a joking, playful manner between friends. The most common way to goose someone is with the fingers and thumb of one hand. The fingers grab from the bottom, and the thumb from the top. Then, in an upwards, and squeezing motion, you goose them. It is normally done while the “receiver” is wearing clothes, although there is no reason why it couldn’t be done without clothes.”

Rich Gossage must have been a goofy guy!

– Tubesteak



January 4th, 2008Although the P-Men may be dominating our thoughts, let us not forget the Bosox. With two World Series titles in four years and one of the most dominant pitching rotations ever assembled, the sox are just beginning a long stretch of domanance.

January 4th, 2008lammaride.jpgJeter and A-rod in the pasture.


3 Responses to Redsox

  1. Stever says:

    Gammons on the Santana trade:

    “The more I’ve thought about the Santana deal, the more I’m convinced it’s not a great idea. Whether it’s the Jacoby Ellsbury deal or the Jon Lester deal, the Sox would still be giving up three young players and I don’t discount the importance that Jed Lowrie will play in the next couple of years. Theo has rebuilt the Red Sox farm system in a very short time and changed the culture. And I think that culture is really important. The baseball people with the Yankees feel the same about what Brian Cashman has done and would prefer not to make a Santana deal. There are days when I really believe that the Red Sox and Yankees wake up and hoping somehow the Mets can find 4 or 5 good prospects in the organization and make the trade, but right now, that’s highly unlikely.”

  2. muffranch says:

    Duquette says he’s a bum, then I say he’s a bum.

  3. Stever says:

    Just a reminder that Roger Clemens is gay.

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