Guru’s Playlist

January 20th, 2008

hello folks,

here is another streaming option…a crisp stack tape of ‘the New Deal’ from your’s truly.  this was the first tND show in over a year, and the boys were on fire.  this is a must for those that excercise (not speaking from experience).  cheers, the guru




January 13th, 2008 

Here is a great show to listen to @ work.  It can be streamed from the Archive.

Thanks to Clinton for this fine recording of Kaki King.  She has a great voice, is insane on the guitar, and very easy on the eyes.  Check out more of Kaki @


Hello Champions,

Our fearless leader – the Evil Fetus – has asked me to write a music section for the re-incarnated Championship Ranch.  I am happy to accept this role and I hope to provide you all with multiple auditory orgasms on a regular basis.  I begin this endeavor with the greatest band of all time – Phish.  Please check out the link below to some choice gems from the Kevin Shapiro archive.  I am fairly sure the 11/22/97 Halley’s was on heavy rotation sophomore year in Gamehenge.

– The Guru


Kevin Shapiro IntroSanity (8/5/88) Dog Log (12/6/96 soundcheck; over Funky Bitch music)My Friend, My Friend (11/30/94)Runaway Jim (12/31/95)Halley’s Comet (11/22/97)Stash (4/2/98)

Bathtub Gin > The Real Me > Bathtub Gin (12/29/95)

Tube > Dayton Jam (12/7/97)

AC/DC Bag (9/14/99)

Mike’s Song > Crossroads > Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen

> Weekapaug

Groove (5/8/93)

Contact (1/3/03)

The Curtain With***

Tweezer (11/28/94)

*** Studio version from June 1987 at Mike’s grandmother’s house. Kevin Shapiro notes it had possible pitch problems and apologized for that.


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