Arlen, retire or do something better with your time.  After your top notch work getting to the “truth” on the Warren Commision, I would think you would give up on investigations.  Stop your bitching and do something that actually benefits our country.  And Joey, shutup.  You are a loud mouth, you will always be a loud mouth, and no one wants to hear it.


Ultimate Douche:  Methia’s Boy.


A lovely Jaguar pattern Burning Love pouch, short soft faux fur to protect your iPod and keep it looking like the height of fashion, with the hand stitched lining like the rest of the range, beautiful to look at and soft to hold.


Jaguar shoulder is good in January.  GOOD.
Del Rio and his jaguar fur sideburns thinks he can come into the Razor and stand on the same field as Handsome Tom.  He best SMAAAATEN UP!

Welcome to the P-Men section of the ranch.  After the remarkable season, we have just three battles left to obtain another piece of glory and cement our rightful place in history as the best football team to ever play the game.

In Brady We Trust

This season Tom Brady has put together one of, if not the, most impressive seasons of all time.  Under the guru’s guidance, Tom lead the P-men to a 16-0 regular season pats-cincinati.jpgrecord completing just under 70% of his pass attempts for a total of 4,806 passing yards and 50 touch down passes.  Not only did he beat Payton’s touch down record, he did so without gloating or slutting himself around every television network.

Heading into his 6th postseason apperance, Brady knows what it takes to win a championship: strength, drive, and discipline.  Fans are in a new era of sports dominance in New England.  Gone are the days when we go into the post season hoping to make it through the first round.

Although confident, however, the P-Men are also humble.  Thanks in large part to coach Belichick, the Pats beat their oponents with a quiet confidence.  He is a true leader who doesn’t concern himself with league politics or gossip.  He puts his best players on the field each and every game and out maneuvers his openents with a genius only capable of a true guru.  The guru exudes focus and discipline, and these qualities transfer to his players. Not once during his three championship seasons or perfect 2007 regular season with the Patriots did Belichick gloat.  Each week he kept his players egos in check while driving them to near perfect performance.  Its no wonder players the likes of Randy Moss-perhaps the most gifted wide receiver of all time-are willing to take less money for the opportunity to play for Belichick and Patriots: they want to win.   And, there is no better place for this then the dynasty that is the New England Patriots.

– Sportsman


4 Responses to P-Men

  1. muffranch says:

    Rothlisberger is bettah than Manning.

  2. Stever says:

    I bet Manning is a better motorcycle rider though!

  3. helmet says:

    he thows like a woman…that’s why he’s probably such a douche

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